DIY & Mobile Parties

Made To paint

DIY Party

Are you the DIY type or just would like to have flexibility with your time, participants and place. This just may be what you are looking for.



  • Pick your projects from the list below.
  • Email your list with vinyl or bows selection 7-8 days before PU date.
  • I will email one invoice to the host with each individual price listed.
  • Invoice has to be paid before I can cut projects.
  • $1.00 each project is added for kit use unless you have your own supplies.
  • Can add initial or remove from any project. Price would be adjusted according.

Mobile party

Do you have a large group and a place provided to accommodate? These type of parties are reserved for 18 or more participants.

  • 18 or more participants
  • Location large enough to accommodate, with plenty of room for extra tables needed for supplies.
  • We do not supply tables or table coverings.
  • We are not responsible for possible paint on tables or floors.
  • Project selection and prices  are on The Studio page. Prices are the same but we do charge an extra fee for providing mobile service. 
  • 10 mile radius $ 50.00
  • 20 mile radius $75.00
  • 30 mile radius $100.00
  • more than 30 miles TBD

The Gallery below is for the DIY party only. They come unfinished. All bows and vinyl stencil if wanted comes separately for additional cost.

  • Bows:     single $2.00        double    $4.00       large double $5.00
  • Vinyl for stencil:      one word  $2.00         multiple words        $4-8.00

DIY Base Project $22.00

Base Price 27.00

Base 29.00